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Professional ~ a person who is expert at his or her work[i]

Related imageThat’s me! Oh, don’t misunderstand me; I’m not speaking of my areas of knowledge, skills, or degrees. I’m talking about what a great crastinator I am. I am a professional crastinator, or better known as a PRO-crastinator! I’m a professional at putting things off for later! In fact, I’ve become so adept at it that many times I can finish what needs to be done just as the moment arrives when it MUST be done! Yup, I’m a professional crastinator ~ a pro-crastinator!

Unfortunately, this means I’m usually rushing to accomplish things on time. If I’d started earlier, I would have most likely done a better job instead of sliding in at the last minute barely able to say, “Done!”

This is why when I read Oswald Chambers’ “My Utmost for His Highest” on January 6, I was pulled up short by his use of two words to describe Jesus: “unhasting and unresting.” He was not in a hurry, yet remained steadily being about His Father’s work.

One of my nieces is a prolific writer and frequently uses the words STEADY ON! I think that describes Jesus. I long to be more and more like Him, to be more and more conformed into His image. Because this is my heart’s desire, I am asking Him to help me break the habit of procrastinating and to move through each day both “unhasting and unresting” ~ steady on ~ until it’s time to put my head on my pillow each night and let my body rest.

Father, I desire to be like Jesus ~ unhasting and unresting ~ steady on as I go about doing the tasks You have given me to do each day. I don’t want to abuse the time I have been allotted on this earth; instead, I yearn to wisely use the time You have given me in the number of days I have remaining. You are the One who is at work in meboth to will and to do” of Your good pleasure (Philippians 2:13 KJV). You and I both know full well how weak I am. I need not only Your strength to accomplish Your will, I also need You to provide the “will” or the desire to do so. Please fill me with Your strength that I might bring You honor. Thank You! \o/ ~ Amen.  

[i] Dictionary.com


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  1. Steady on! I like that. I’m going to borrow that for this new month and chew it around for a bit and apply it daily. It already feels soothing and powerful at the same time.

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