Apr 192012

Janie & Janel

This week I had opportunity to do a “duet” with my long-time friend, Janel Campbell. For the two of us, a “duet” means I sing with my voice and she sings through sign language. We “sang” the song “Peace in the Midst of the Storm” at the South Dakota District Council Women’s Luncheon in Huron, SD. I pray God will touch you through His Spirit as you watch and listen.


Peace in the Midst of the Storm

Verse 1
When the world
That I’ve been living in
Collapses at my feet
When my life
Is shattered and torn
Tho’ I’m windswept and battered
I can cling to His cross
And find peace
In the midst of my storm

There is peace in the midst
Of my storm-tossed life
Oh there’s an Anchor
There’s a Rock
To cast my faith upon
Jesus rides in my vessel
So I’ll fear no alarm
He gives me peace
In the midst of my storm

Verse 2
When in twenty-four short hours
Years of living
Are brought to moments
And when life’s final picture
Is taking form
In the dark-room
Of my suff’ring
There’s a Light
Comes shining through
He gives me peace
In the midst of my storm

Verse 3
When my body has been broken
‘Til it’s wracked in misery
When all the doctors
Shake their heads
And look forlorn
Jesus comes to make my bedside
A cathedral of hope and love
He sends His peace
Right in the midst of my storm

CCLI Song # 23660
Stephen R. Adams
© 1978, 1981, 1998 Pilot Point Music (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)
For use solely with the SongSelect Terms of Use. All rights reserved. www.ccli.com
CCLI License # 1609208

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