Aug 262012

Today’s “Sunday Writing” is my chance to share with you the joy I’m experiencing in Chico, CA with my daughter, Angela, my grandson, Teagen, and my son-in-love, Josh!

We took a short drive yesterday to a wonderful rustic covered bridge called the Honey Run Covered Bridge. I love covered bridges, and this one was great! It boasts a sweet creek called Butte Creek, although they all laughed at me when I thought I read the sign to say “Butter Cream”! =) What can I say? I love frosting!!! It was priceless to wade into the creek with Teagen with our shoes on! It’s been so hot, and the creek was very cool and refreshing. We watched innertubers enjoying the gentle ride. Angie caught a fish; we chose rocks for me to take to Teagen’s cousins, Gabby and Noah; we watched water skimmers on the creek (they were HUGE). It was a scenic and peaceful place!

It was also a great time to make memories with my grandson. He’s growing up so fast! He’s handsome; he’s funny; he’s smart! I am so very blessed! I’ve enjoyed one-on-one time with Angie and great family times with all of us together.

Angie and Josh, you are such capable and loving parents to this boy. I’m incredibly proud of you! I love you! Thank you!

Teagen, you are an amazing young man! As evidenced in your California STAR test restults, you are a great student having earned advanced scores for your age! I love you and am over-the-top proud of you! Keep up the good work!

Abba, thank You for family and for time away to enjoy each other! \o/ Thank you for blessing us with time together to make more memories! We remember that there are no guarantees for tomorrow, so we gratefully receive from Your hands the blessings of today! ~ Amen!

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  2 Responses to “Making Memories and Counting Blessings”

  1. I caught that fish with my bare hands!

  2. Yes, you did!!! And that fish was HUGE! All of 3″ at least and already close to death!

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