Oct 202016

The Dark Room ~ Part 3

It’s been many years since I first acknowledged the dark room of my life; in fact, it’s been just over 31 years ago. As the years have passed, I’ve understood more and more about the work that needed to be done in that place inside of me, work that is still going on. However, I look back at my journal writing in the summer of 1985 and realize that God showed me so much the day I wrote that entry. I am often surprised at what shows up on a page as I write! Words, concepts, and understanding seem to flow from my pen without forethought on my part. That’s when I come to understand that God’s Spirit is at work.

From my journal, August 23, 1985:

“Father, I know You and I are still in my room working, but the majority of work in cleaning that room has already been done. Now it’s mostly You showing me where the new items go that are just coming into my room. …it took the light going on in order to begin the massive cleaning job that needed to be done. You can’t clean in a dark room and have it clean. It was dark in there because I was not following You, Jesus; I was following the enemy. I can almost see the picture — Jesus is glowing in front of me and I can clearly see Him and everything around me. I am able to identify and describe in detail everything I see because His light is so bright, and I am following Him.”

It is in His light that He and I are able to work through all those things that accumulate in my life over time. Some of those items belong in my life ~ blessings, difficulties, pain, healing, grief, joy. When I’m not following God’s leading, I may place those things in the wrong place, and they can then become stumbling blocks instead of building blocks. Staying close to Him is essential in keeping my life in order.

Some of those pieces should not have a place in my life at all ~ sin, selfishness, unforgiveness, hatred. They become obstructions ~ things that hinder my growth and become barriers between my Savior and me and between myself and those I love. Those things must be thrown out! In fact, in this life long process, there are things that must be discarded before they even have a chance to enter my life. These are the items to which I must say a resounding “NO!” when they approach my mind and heart. Learning to say no is not easy! Nevertheless, it is a discipline I must allow God’s Spirit to develop in me.

The process of organizing all that belongs within me is lifelong. It is absolutely crucial that I stay very close to Jesus so I can clearly see things from His perspective. He alone knows what should stay and what should go. He alone knows where each thing belongs and can direct me as to where to put it. Is it essential? It needs to be in a prominent place. Is it important but not essential? Then it belongs very nearby. Is it good but not necessary? Then its placement can be in a less noticeable position in me.

Have you ever experienced working with God to clean up your life, messes you’ve made, hurts that have influenced your life even today, or things that are simply out of their correct place in you? I would love to hear your story!

Do you need God to come into your dark room and begin the process of cleaning that place and reorganizing it? Let me know, and I will pray for you!

My prayer is that you will allow God to draw you to Himself and let Him do the work in you that needs to be done.


God, my life is a mess! Everything is out of order, and I need Your help! Please come in and clean the places in me that need  cleaning and reorganizing. Make the changes in me that need to be made, throwing out some things, and placing others in their rightful and good place in my life. Thank You! Amen.

Song of the Day

Clean Before My Lord


Clean before my Lord I stand
And in me not one blemish does He see
When I placed all my burdens on Him
He washed them all from me

Verse 1

Why did I wait so long to learn
Such a living song
And how could I stay so close
Without seeing Him
Never seeing Him

Verse 2

Why do you wait so long to learn
Such a living song
And how can you stay so close
Without seeing Him
Never seeing Him

Nancy Honeytree © 1973 Word Music, LLC (a div. of Word Music Group, Inc.)

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