Jul 182013

While living in Beijing, China and teaching English, I would come home each summer and share through pictures and songs some of my life there. One song I sang, “Grace Alone” by¬†Jeff Nelson & Scott Wesley Brown, was particularly close to my heart. I prepared a PowerPoint presentation of pictures I had taken of China and some of my students and friends there.

In April, I was privileged to sing a song at my American church, Sunset Bible Church in University Place, Washington. I chose the song “Grace Alone” and was accompanied by the worship band. They recorded the song, and I sent the link to my daughter Angela along with my original PowerPoint pictures. She put them together and uploaded the final video on YouTube. If you would like to watch it, you may click on the link below or go to YouTube and type in Janie Downing to find the song.

Nothing we can ever do in this life to benefit those around us can be done outside of God’s grace. He is faithful to help us to fulfill what He asks us to do. If He says go, then go. If He says wait, then wait. If He asks you to step out and take a risk, then step out! After all, Your Travel Companion will be with you at every step!



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  1. Just saw your video – LOVE IT!!! So cool to hear you sing again, too. What a wonderful montage of photos from your time in China!

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