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A friend found this article on the website of Haidian English Fellowship where I served through music in Beijing, China. It was posted on July 26, 2009. It was written by one of my Chinese Sisters in the Fellowship. This is the English translation of what she wrote. I have chosen to make no corrections.  I was moved to tears when I read it. I had never seen or read the article.

My time in China was life-changing! The students I taught and the wonderful friends I made there will forever be in heart! \o/

From Seattle to Haidian Christian Church

Time: 2009-07-26

Under the caring and leading of our Lord Jesus Christ, we have together witnessed our Lord’s power and amazing doings on the English fellowship of HaidianChurch from its birth to prosperity for almost 3 years. Like a ribbon, what it connects is not only the bond between Lord and us, but also the single-hearted serving by all brothers and sisters, among which there are not only faces with yellow skin and brown eyes of our familiarity, but also the ones of different skin color from elsewhere of the world. As called and assembled by our Lord, we come together to sing and to praise Him. We are joyful for reunion, mournful for departure, but relieved for the spreading evangelic seeds. Particular, to sister Janie who is going to leave Beijing for backing to America, we hereby present our sincerest pray and wishes as well as our deepest emotions to her to fill up her way home.

Janie is the musical leader of our English Worship, so is a English teacher of University Of International Relations, as well as a devout sister who comes from Seattle. Six years ago when she arrived in Beijing, as I thought, she may never know she would have had such nice memories. However, it is the Lord’s amazing arrangement that have all of these come true. Recalling to the commencement of the English Worship, it was in great shortage for hands, particular members of the musical lead. But it was under the leadership of our Lord that all things went smoothly. Janie joined us at the very time to be the electronic organ player and the pianist. Quickly, we got to know from one another, and the musical worship was began with her wonderful song. At the same time, every brothers and sisters who entered the sanctuary with the songs were also impressed with her tender smile and melodious notes.

English Worship is a emerging fellowship initiated and lead by our Lord Jesus Christ. How can it go without young and vigorous bodies? Every weekend, the Church is surrounded with our handshaking greetings and joyful wishes. Janie is a senior to those of youngsters like us; however, her passion never put her to shame compared with any other young people. Every time, she comes earlier to Church, then begins to make preparation with other members of the vocal team, leading every coming brothers and sisters to seat with her wonderful music. She, as well as some youngsters like Hesung and Jessica are well-cooperated and mutually-benefited.

Every of her leading is characterized with vigor and passion and glittering light. Not only are we able to enjoy the ready feedings from our Lord, but also edify with endless pleasures from exotic languages.

Janie is single-hearted with every volunteer in holy works. Sometimes she plays the role of a volunteer English teacher, instructing us in the English correspondence. In consideration to different levels in language for majority of brothers and sisters, Janie tries to pronounce every word accurately and clearly. Many Christian seekers comes with the idea of learning language, but finally they are holy fruited to a rescued disciples due to Janie’s conduct. Therefore, How can we not be grateful for Janie’s service?

Like every one of us, Janie is one of the chosen lambs among people. As our communication broadens, more and more foreign friends are introduced to be our friends, and there are more and more brothers and sisters with different skin colors in the team. We sometimes praise in high or we murmurs in low or we pray hand-in-hand, making the Lord’s grace and lead to be witnessed in the booming development of our worship. Every brother and sister is the eyewitness of sister Janie’s services throughout the 3 years which is also the time that we devote and pray mutually to have the body spread worldwide.

As flashing as time is, sister Janie has to be back home. She has said that she has two homes: one is in Seattle, the other is in Beijing, and both have her family members. While we also have many family members and relative, one is also Janie who is in Seattle. Today we see her off with well-wishing. No matter it is to Janie, or to any brother and sister who serves at the English Worship, we have the same one lovely home prepared and tended by the same Father. We are waited to have forever reunion with you and me and all sons and daughters of temporary departures like Janie.

Holy Comminication


I could sing of Your Love forever!



Teeedle reappeared

May our Heavenly Father bless the work of our hands.

Photograph:Eric Text:Lwin

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  2 Responses to “About Janie: Article and Pictures from Haidian English Fellowship Newsletter Beijing, China”

  1. Janie, what a lovely article! I find it so interesting that you have read it just now, when I am sure parts of living in China feel like only a dream. I hope that it buoys you up and fills in the parts of your heart that needed reassurance that your path is, was, continues to be God led. Knowing you in Beijing was a highlight for me – I know others feel that way with your presence back home.

    I am back in the States for just a while. Will plan on giving you a call to catch up!

    • Wendy ~ It’s so good to hear from you! Thank you for your encouraging note. Yes, it was special to see this article now and to be reminded that God’s plans always accomplish more than we ever know! Please do give me a call. I would LOVE to chat and catch up. I miss you!

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