Aug 262016

A Song For You

Tonight I simply want to share a song with you that is one of my current favorites. I use it frequently in my private worship time. I am always comforted by the many names by which my Father is known. May this song bring comfort to you as well.

I apologize in advance. I can’t figure out how to make it a smaller size for viewing, but I’ve provided the lyrics. Hopefully, that will help!

The Names of God by Laurel Hubick

Elohim, the Creator
Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord is There
My Master, Adonai
El Elyon, the God Most High
Yhwh, You Are the Lord
Jehovah-Rohi, My Shepherd
Mekaddishkem sanctifies you
The Lord our Righteousness, Jehovah-Tsidkenu
Worthy is Your Name; Worthy of all my praise

El Roi, the God Who Sees
You are My Banner, Jehovah-Nissi
The All Sufficient One, El Shaddai
Jehovah-Jireh, You Will Provide
Rapha, the Lord Who Heals
Shalom, you are my Peace
The Lord of Hosts, Jehovah-Sabbaoth
El Olam, the Everlasting God
Worthy is Your Name; Worthy of all my praise



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  4 Responses to “A Song For You”

  1. Beautiful~Praise and tear evoking~peaceful reminder of what an awesome Father we have~ Thank you for sharing ~

    • Oh, Sister~Sister, I can’t thank you enough for not only your comment but also for visiting the website. You bless my heart! Do you know you can subscribe to it? Then every time I post a new blog, you receive it. Something to consider. I will be continuing to share the posts on FB, but I love it when someone either subscribes to it or views it here. I love you! Thanks for your constant support in my endeavors!

  2. Thanks, Janie for sharing.

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