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"I Will Run To You"

Butterflies filled my stomach as I deplaned in Beijing, China. The flight had been long, and the hours leading up to it had not allowed time for much sleep—I was exhausted and facing a new life path. What would it hold?

It was hot and humid on that day in August 2003. I had been to Beijing once before, but it was in the company of a Chinese friend. This time, I was alone. I made my way through the necessary stations in customs in order to enter the country. As I waited in lines, my mind went back a few hours to my final minutes with my children in Seattle. Goodbyes are never easy, especially if you have already lost a member of your family. I blinked hard to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. Would I see them again? Being absolutely certain that I was right where I wanted to be didn’t calm the butterflies. In fact, it felt as though my butterflies were giving birth to butterflies that were giving birth to more butterflies instantaneously!

I made my way to Baggage Claim thankful for the free large carts that were available. Loading my belongings onto a cart, I slowly made my way to the arrivals area where I would be greeted by someone name Sun Rui whom I had never met before. My cart was top heavy with the Roland keyboard friends had given to me and insisted I take with me. Why? “You’ll need the music! It will help!” At that moment, it simply seemed like an unwieldy nuisance, and I worried that there wouldn’t be enough room in the vehicle even though I had warned Ao and the school that I would be bringing it.

As I stepped into the throng of people waiting for their travelers arrival, panic began to set in. There was a sea of Chinese faces; everyone was loudly calling out names. I had no idea what to do. Suddenly, as I scanned the crowd, I saw a large placard with my name on it! It was held by a tall Chinese man who knew right away who I was from the picture that had been sent. My knees went weak with relief as I waved to him. He smiled and immediately came to take charge of my cart and of me!

It was a tight fit, but there was room in the vehicle for all of us—including the keyboard! It took nearly an hour to get to my new home. When we drove up in front of the building, I saw the words “Foreign Expert Building” in large letters above the doors. This became my home for a year. Each foreign expert was given a private room and bathroom, and the facility operated like a small hotel with a service staff.

Going to sleep that first night was hard to do! I was worn out, but the butterflies returned with a vengeance, each demanding its own space until my stomach felt tied in knots. The next day, I was taken shopping and was able to purchase a CD player. That night before I slipped into bed, I placed a CD into the player. With the lights off, I listened to music that became my nightly private concert—“Simply Worship” –  a compilation worship album of contemporary Christian music by Hillsong Church. The song I fell asleep to night after night in those first weeks was “I Will Run To You” sung by Darlene Zschech from the “God Is In The House” album. (See lyrics below)

Even today when I hear that song, I am transported back to those nights in Beijing. God used it to help me make the transition into a new land, a new culture, a new job—actually, a new life! The friends who sent the keyboard with me were right. I would need music, and it helped, but not just any music! I would need God’s music—anointed music that His Spirit would use to soothe my anxious moments, renew my joy, and lift my spirit to Him.

What song has God used in your life? What song brings you back to a time of His expressed grace, mercy, and love extended to you? Send me the song, a link, or the lyrics. If you feel so inclined, tell me the story behind the song. I will be blessed by hearing what has blessed you!

I Will Run To You
Verse 1
Your eye is on the sparrow
And Your hand it comforts me
From the ends of the earth
To the depths of my heart
Let Your mercy and strength be seen
And I will run to You
To Your words of truth
Not by might not by power
But by the Spirit of God
Yes I will run the race
‘Til I see Your face
Oh let me live in
The glory of Your grace
Verse 2
You call me to Your purpose
As angels understand
For Your glory may You draw all men
As Your love and grace demands 
Darlene Zschech © 1996 Wondrous Worship (Admin. by Music Services, Inc.)
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  4 Responses to “A Meaningful Song to You?”

  1. I can identify with you Janie as I have traveled to Asia with our family. Its in a way (or seemed to me) a little worse when you have the butterflies and your family is with you. The uncertainly of taking your little children to the jungles of Indonesia. What awaits us you wonder,… everything so smelly and humid and dirty. So tied up in knotts that you are almost nauseous from it all feeling the weight of the responsibility for decisions made. Then the Joshua claim “As for me and My house…” you have to trust. YOu have no choice. Its trust or start screaming for a ticket home. what will it be? We trust! And for songs during that time? They have all but dissapeared from my memory. Only later when you reach your destination then the Holy Spirit gives a small song of praise of “We love you Lord, and I lift my voice…To worship you oh my soul rejoice…” A song for every situation. A different balm of Gilliad for each and every encounter of being overwhelmed…God choses the songs, I do the praising and cryng.

    • Jim ~ I agree! Your situation would be even more unnerving! And yes, the smells and sights so very different than our lives here were before we went! I think our lives are filled with meaningful songs that shift and change with each turn in the path we follow. I know you have as many as I do because music is such an integral part of your life, too. Thank you for commenting! Blessings, my friend! \o/ ♫♪

  2. Janie,

    Many years ago, I was so burdened down with just life, that I could hardly function. I remember crying out to the Lord to touch me and restore my joy. I was on my way to work that morning with the Christian radio station on and a song came on…Praise the Lord, by Russ Taff. I was so overwhelmed I had to pull over to the side of the road, as I couldn’t see it for the tears. I learned the secret that day, to Praise Him in all situations, and He will fill me with His presence!

    Praise the Lord
    By Russ Taff

    When you’re up against a struggle
    That’s shattered all your dreams
    And your hopes been cruely crushed
    By Satan’s manifested schemes.
    And you feel the urge within you
    To submit to earthly fears
    Don’t let the faith you’re standing in
    Seem to disappear

    Praise the Lord.
    He will work for those who praise him
    Praise the Lord.
    For our God inhabits praise.
    Praise the Lord.
    And those chains that seem to bind you
    Serve only to remind you.
    As they fall powerless behind you.
    When you praise him.

    Satan is a liar and he wants to make us think
    That we are paupers, when we know ourselves
    We’re children of the king.
    So lift up the mighty shield of faith
    For the battle must be won
    Remember Jesus Christ has risen
    So the works already done.

    Praise the Lord.
    He will work for those who praise him
    Praise the Lord.
    For our God inhabits praise.
    Praise the Lord.
    And those chains that seem to bind you
    Serve only to remind you.
    As they fall powerless behind you.
    When you praise him.

    • Tillie ~ Thank you so much for sharing this song with me! It has touched me deeply as well on several occasions, and no one does it like Russ Taff! Thanks for reading and for commenting! Blessings ~ Janie \o/ ♫♪

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